COVID-19 Consignment Guide

Thank you for thinking of us during this time. Although our storefronts in Portland are closed, we are still accepting items to sell online!

  1. Pick a location & sign up on our Appointment Calendar (please email us directly if you need to setup a time outside of our normal appointment window.)
  2. If your new to consigning with us, print & fill out our Consignment Contract to drop off with your bags. Visit our Favorites list to get an idea of what we're looking for.
  3. All items must be bagged. Please make sure all items are freshly washed, free of damage, excessive wear. No hangers please! 
  4. Call when you park your car.
  5. We will put a bin outside for you to put your bags in.
  6. Knock on the door when you put them in the bin.
  7. We will quarantine these items for 1-2 weeks.
  8. We will email you with a price list for the items we took. You have the option to donate any unaccepted items or arrange a time to pick them up.